Wednesday, 11 May 2011

I'm still here!

It’s typical, as soon as I take the plunge and start a blog, I get really busy! We had those amazing long weekends, the fairytale Royal Wedding and some glorious this five-day week and wow is it dragging!
I spent the past weekend in the Cotswolds with my lovely boyfriend, P, and his family to celebrate his dad’s 60th birthday! All we did was eat, drink wine and walk, it was lovely J We stayed in The Ragged Cot Inn in Minchinhampton, it’s a lovely little place recommended by the guardian that serves great food and it also welcomes dogs! We didn’t take the pooches as we can’t quite guarantee they wouldn’t make a mess in the room but would love to take them next time! We were lucky that it didn’t rain on Sunday and we walked to Stroud along the canal and then back across the gorgeous Cotswold countryside, 10 miles in all, amazing considering I’m not the fittest person in the world!
I hope to be updating my blog frequently from now on! Thank you to my followers and for the comments, they are very much appreciated J x

This is where we stayed, The Ragged Cot Inn. Image sourced from google images.